Bridgestone Revs Up Support for SA’s Aussie Muscle Car Run


Get your motor runnin’… High performance cars are getting set to hit the highway for the South Australian Aussie Muscle Car Run.

From November 5-11, muscle cars from the Bathurst glory days of the 60s and 70s will be cruising across the state and through Victoria – taking in the sights n-route to the famous Phillip Island circuit.

The event is open to vehicles manufactured from 1963-1977, including various models of Ford, Holden and Chrysler, as well as replicas and cars that qualify as ‘special interest’.

Car no 72 in the 2014 AMCR – 1972 HQ GTS 350 Monaro Coup, owned by Jeff Pahl.

Along the way participants will be raising money to help reduce the impact of blood cancer by providing free practical and emotional support, and funding research to improve treatments and find cures.If you were a Moffat or Brock fan back in the day, it’s an event worth checking out.

Aussie Muscle Car Run Event Chairman Kevin May with a 1964 AP5 Chrysler Valiant sporting Bridgestone’s blue valve caps.

Bridgestone and the Leukaemia Foundation have been fundraising partners for 30 years, being principal partner of the Aussie Muscle Car Run is one way we’re helping raise community awareness and vital funds in the fight against blood cancer.

Two of the 42 entrants, Carol Marano and her husband Trev, are excited to be revving their 2015 Ford Mustang in the Run for the first time. Though it’s a little newer than most cars taking part, when the Leukaemia Foundation heard about the ‘Marano Mustang’ they reserved a place for it in the special interest category.

The Maranos waited two years for the car to be shipped from the United States and, when it finally arrived, it was one of the very first 2015 Mustangs to hit the road in South Australia.

A 5.0-litre V8 with six-speed automatic transmission, Ford has aptly called its colour ‘Race Red’.

Carol and Trev can’t wait to show off their pride and joy to the community for such an important cause and put the Mustang’s race mode feature to the test in the controlled motor sport events.

“We’re looking forward to taking the Marano Mustang on the open road and putting her through her paces at Phillip Island,” Carol said. “During my 11 years working at Bridgestone I regularly visit the Bridgestone Australia Leukaemia Foundation Village and chat with patients and staff over a barbecue lunch. Meeting so many wonderful people there has really inspired me to raise as much money as we can to assist them.”

In the lead up to the South Australian event, more than $229,000 has already been raised for the Leukaemia Foundation.


Team Mustang Muscle is currently 13th on the fundraising leader board having raised more than $5500. You can donate here to help them reach their $6000 goal.

We’ll be following Carol and Trev’s journey and covering all the Aussie Muscle Car Run action on Facebook. Check out the Aussie Muscle Car Run website for more information.



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